The John Paul Slum Development Project began its work in 1990, working in the numerous slums of Pune city. We first focused our efforts on providing basic needs to the slum dwellers. This included ensuring access to electricity, potable drinking water and meeting basic sanitation needs. We also assisted them is obtaining their official identification and ration cards, for instance.

In 1993, we came across a young woman in the Yerwada slums. She was HIV positive and suffering from numerous opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis and the failing of her digestive system. As of this encounter, we increased our emphasis on raising awareness about HIV and providing care for those already affected.

From these humble beginnings, JPSDP has grown to support hundreds of people living with HIV/AIDS by providing medication, food and frequent check-ups. Our work has also spread in the realm of prevention with our important prevention of parent-to-child transmission program. We strive to empower the less fortunate of Pune by giving them support and opportunities to improve their lives.