The Prevention of Parent-to-Child Transmission (PPTCT) is conducting crucial work in the fight against HIV/AIDS. There are currently 46 Peer Educators that are each assigned a site within Pune district. They are responsible for educating the population about HIV/AIDS, finding pregnant woman who might be HIV positive and following-up with these woman throughout the entire pregnancy to ensure that she follow the procedures to prevent her child from being born HIV positive. They keep files of all their patients and develop strong relationships with the families.

To prevent the child’ infection with the virus, the Peer Educators ensure that the pregnant woman is taking antiretroviral drugs, that she has a Cesarean section and that the child receives antiretroviral treatment as well. Until the infant reaches 18 months, the Peer Educators regularly follow-up with the family and refer them to health check-ups and HIV tests. They are a powerful force in stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The PPTCT project is unique as it not only spreads across Pune city it also runs in rural areas. As a result, the Peer Educators face many challenges due to tribal traditions and rules that may oppose modern medical practices (such as giving birth in a hospital for instance).