At the John Paul Slum Development Project, we prime learning through exchange. We derive our energy from the people we work with and strive to meet all their needs. Due to this profoundly local focus, volunteers help spread JPSDP’s work beyond its regional boundaries. Volunteers can choose to work on any of the many projects run by JPSDP. Most of our work is highly interactive and includes frequent visits to the field (multiple per week if interested). The volunteers will be able to observe first hand the work of professional social workers, collaborating with community members, to create a safer, healthier and happier life for the most disadvantaged of Pune.

Examples of work volunteers may pursue:

  • Teach English at the street children shelter.
  • Help organize mobile health clinics in slum areas.
  • Social media work: update website, make documentary, design promotional material.
  • Grant writing and corporate outreach.
  • Shadow a social worker.
  • Organize fundraisers at local restaurants, churches, etc.

It must be noted that most of our work is conducted in Marathi. The staff does have working knowledge of English but most people on the field speak only Marathi or Hindi.

How to Apply !

If you are interested in volunteering with JPSDP, please send the following information to volunteer@jpsdp.org :

  • A copy of C.V. (resume).
  • The volunteer application.

We will do our best to provide you with a timely response.

RESEARCH: We are open to requests to conduct research at JPSDP. Please contact volunteer@jpsdp.org with an explanation of your research project and method.